Padre Richard Donahue on May 16th, 2015

Hi Everyone:

Camelot had us holding hands with King Arthur at a time  when there was no war in Camelot nor snow in Boston.  Fortunately  the snow has left New England but the taste of war has not let up. The Pope continues to speak of  the indifference of many to the suffering of too many more.  Yesterday  we started the 3 day celebration of Saint Isidro the Farmer, Patron of agriculture and the community of Jutiquile.  Last week was  Mothers Day. It is customary to have a mother chosen in each community to be the Mother of the Year and Jutiquile is no different. This year the winner received a basket of food and  a banner designating her new regal status. Welcome to my Camelot and again my thanks to all who help and are not indifferent to our projects and people!




Thanks also to Holy Family Rockland for the Easter Candle. We used it for 2014 and 2015. It still has a few more years of use in it. If Christ is the Alpha and Omega, what difference does a date on wax really mean.  Here we don´t throw any thing away



One of our former volunteers Annie Cashore married  Henry Borjas  a few years back. Henry brought their daughter here to celebrate Sunday with his own mother and he joined us at Mass in Jutiquile. They live in Indiana with Sophia a daughter and two sons, Tommy and David. Since schools are in session it was not possible for all to come but it is always nice to have some of  them with us.                                                                                                                             padre3                                                                 

A few weeks back with the generosity of people in Saint Luke’s Texas , we celebrated Mother and Valentine´s Day together. We are always so indebted to this Parish and especially to Charles and Catherine  Rabroker for their dedication to this project that sponsors children in  Nazareth ,the Special Needs School. God Bless all  in Temple Texas.



As I mentioned last week I was ready and eager to hand over my work at the university to younger hands.  There is more to life than preparing for the Cadillac  limo and the one way ride to the grave?   When my life as a construction planner began in 1998 our two high schools shared land and space  with the university. I don´t believe there is any kitchen big enough for two cooks.    The two high schools  will now be on separate land from the university,  belonging to  the Diocese of Juticalpa and operated by the Olancho Aid Foundation.  I need to read again Pope Francis´s ¨Untying the knots¨ .  Strong walls build strong neighbors. Hopefully it will help our development efforts at the  Olancho Aid Foundation  because some groups see the many buildings constructed by donors and  are under the impression that the university helps pay our bills. Believe me that is not the case. I am not ashamed  to let our benefactors know that ¨ this emperor  has no clothes¨. The first step is looking for water  and then  install more bathroom facilities , motivated  by the increasing enrollment.  We are  close to a river and  it won´t take  long to find our liquid gold………hopefully.

padre 5


We had two groups from New Hampshire……. I lost photos of Carol´s group. Ooopppsss!!!!!Also Holy Family Rockland. Thanks again for all you do. Saludos a Mary Roy who after many years ministering in parishes in the Manchester Diocese,  has retired but I hope there might be a way she can stick like glue to Olancho Aid Foundation. I understand there is some significant conversation going on about collaboration and designing parishes for the future in many dioceses.  It is happening all over the place and here we have the need to open and staff new parishes.



Feeling better, manage the house without the walker and next step is to be a Camelot  gentleman with gold handled cane by my side. Talk with you next week. Speaking of gold ,or lack of, I see that many of you appeared in my ¨Junk Box¨.  If you did not receive last week¬end  edition  let me know or sign in using your e _ mail. Until next Saturday…………God Bless and may Saint Isidro shower us with rain.  I am running out of seeds and need to schedule medical check ups in Boston with a  tomato seed excursion . Best tomato and egg plants in Honduras come from my garden  . Until next Saturday!

Father D

Padre Richard Donahue on May 9th, 2015

Hi Everyone!

Can I start by asking if you  remember the last Saturday we had coffee together. According to what I have been told it was the first part of July but I have no recall of anything until  late August.  Can I suggest one of two possible scenarios?   The first being the devil could not handle me or that Jesus is still unsure about my credentials!  Yes it is true that 2014 was a unique experience and obviously I am very happy be here with you on planet earth.

I was the recipient of great medical care , from the mountains of Olancho ,  a medical flight to Boston and hospitals and rehab centers that kept me kept me alive for  more than a month in a coma. It was on leaving a Boston hospital that one of the doctors said there is no medical explanation as to why you are alive.  I ¨remember saying something akin to   Robert Frost´s classic commentary about having many miles to go before I sleep. I have to date  no recall of what happened and perhaps that is good news. My only memory  and let me say weird, is a dream where I am  locked in a Red Sox locker room ,which makes no sense at all other than maybe the Devil got me and Bishop Muldoon confused.  I have been told that at times I was not a model  patient  and was not a patient with lots of patience.  Imagine that!     Despite too many voices  that lobbied against my returning to Honduras and to which  I  obviously turned a deaf ear,  I returned before Christmas.  I am trying to figure out what why God is not finished with me just yet and just what the future may resemble . The fact that I am still alive must mean something and with God´s grace, something I need to figure out.

I have decided to terminate my mission with the Catholic University because it is time for a Honduran to take control. Sixteen years is plenty .  I remembering making a hard decision many years ago to leave East Boston  which was a wonderful experience for ten great years. East Boston prepared me to take risks, learn Spanish, do some university level classes and hop on an American Flight to Honduras, just for a few years………. 25 years ago.  Change is good  and wholesome! I hope to have more time for our Foundation so that our projects are self sustaining and grounded in educational excellence.   I have scheduled two parish appeals for this year and  then to investigate ways of  evaluation that will create a solid  strategic plan for the future. I will need some serious quiet  and reflective time  listening and discerning what the Lord might be  suggesting . Solamente Dios sabe….only God knows.

I am still in therapy, getting stronger every day,  both my coordination and mental retention are also getting better and speech is fine.   No promises but I will try to get our Saturday coffee on the table  each week. Heard that many of you did not have a great winter and that is another great incentive to keep my air conditioner in great shape 365 sun filled days.

Last week was a week at Nazareth celebrating  special needs children  in our community. Would you like to see ?



On Holy Thursday 6 parents presented their children and our altar servers their robes to be used at Mass. Here then enjoy.


We so enjoyed having New Hampshire with us a few weeks back as they did some therapy at a local clinic. Welcome NH 


This blog is brief but little by little  every thing will fall into place.  Happy Mother´s Day to  mothers, aunts, grandmothers, godmothers and friends at your table tomorrow.  A special hi to my sister whose turn is now to enjoy hospital food and to try out for Dancing With the Stars with  her new plastic hip that was done yesterday in Boston! My sincerest thanks to all for your hundreds of cards and notes,  for sweaters and jackets, for those who coordinated the medical flight, to those who visited and smuggled, into the hospitals and  rehab centers ,   ice cream and  cookies, Mrs. Tranito’s  East Boston´s gourmet  soup  , my  sister´s  laundry  service and especially to all  who  prayerfully stormed Heaven and gave the devil the boot.  I am back , I am getting better and will talk with you next week.  God Bless!!!

Father D