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Hi everyone! Looks like my computer is angry with me and won´t come out to play with me this morning. Fortunately yesterday we downloaded some photos to another system and I will hopefully try to transfer them today and tomorrow as well. I am waiting for Oscar Fuentes, my version of Bill Gates for some “tech” help. As I said last week I took Latin in school  and was introduced to an AOL when I was Pastor of the Blessed Sacrament in Jamaica Plain. Had….Have and will Have plenty of catching up to do. I am a stranger in an electronic world. Let me share some photos of the first Graduation of our bilingual high school, Santa Clara Institute.  These students started with us in kinder. ……so many years under the bridge have flown by!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Collage aaaa 123

Yesterday a group from Saint Philip´s Parish returned home to Tennessee and after this their   AA flight disembarked its passengers in Tegus to receive  more volunteers from Baton Rouge. Accompanying the group from Tennessee was Father Tien Tran, associate pastor at Saint Philips in Franklin  TN. He and his family left Vietnam  in the late 60´s.  Let´s visit this fine group of workers who started construction for another water project and some , cousins of Michelangelo , painted a school. Great legs!!!!!!!

BeFunky Collage54

padre 7


padre 5


I have travelled many miles from  Newton Corner. Yes my world has become a Pentecost of many languages and Colors.  Talk with you next week.  In Boston for (please God) a few days in late August.

Father D

5 Comments on Three H´s

  1. Lisa Leonard says:

    Great to see the blog is back. You are looking wonderful , thank God.

  2. Lisa Leonard says:

    You are looking wonderful, thank God. Glad the blog is back.

  3. Margie Chisholm says:

    So wonderful to be hearing fro you again! You look terrific–and the photos are wonderful.

    Thanks–and Try to stay as healthy as possible!

  4. Bob Veiga says:

    Hi Father, hope all is well with you. It would be great if we could get together with you if you are in the Boston area.

    Bob & Joanne

  5. Bishop Maurus Muldoon says:

    Hope all goes well in Juticlapa. Received your Blog, keep them coming.

    I am busy of the Mission Appeal Trail. Heading with Fr. Byron to Waterbury, CT and St. Louis, MO.

    Fraternally, Maurus

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