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Hi Everyone

I admit to knowing very little about the debate on climate change other than I am sitting in front of this computer In Honduras wearing a sweater on a not yet hot morning. Something is happening and maybe Pope Francis is on to something.

Two or maybe three weeks ago we celebrated the first graduation of our bilingual high school. One of the graduates will be leaving in a few weeks to study at a community college in Tampa to sharpen his language skills in the hopes of studying architecture. This was an Olancho version of one small step for us and a giant step for Olancho .  I hope this analogy will hold true in the future!






This week we had another group from Tennessee join us. They were joined by their parish priest, Father Tien Tran who was born in Vietnam and studied here in the States. They did an incredible job at building a site for another water project that will offer safe drinkable water to this community located in  Guayavito, near Catacamas , a place some groups have visited . In addition they are accomplished painters  as your can now see.

BeFunky Collage54
padre 5

                                                                                                                          Visiting my casittapadre 7



Another group from Louisiana arrived last evening and I will connect with them later today. We are still having difficulty with the sending of the blog and I have no idea who is and who is not receiving.  If you are not receiving drop me a note at richardonahue@hotmail.com.    We are working on trying to resolve the situation.  Before closing meet last weeks group from Baton Rouge.

Can I wish you lots of steamers and or fried clams? Til next week, God Bless and get to the beach!!!!!!

Father D

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