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Hi Everyone!
My cable TV keeps me in touch with USA news and there seems to be too much rain, tornadoes, drought and weather related serious problems. I pray  you are all safe and secure in your homes or summer beach rentals.

Yesterday we had our monthly board conference call at my house and two board members were here with their volunteers.  A second group will be coming next week. another board member Here then meet Lisa and Jackie along with Carlos our Executive Director. They come from Louisiana  and have been part of our extended family for many years.


YESTERDAY      At the conference call  another board member informed us  that an individual  was moved by a  visit here and especially at  Nazareth  for special needs,  wants to help us via  Matching Funds.   He  has already donated  $10,000 to put the drive in motion. That is just incredible!  Most of the Nazareth  students are on scholarship.   We have been blessed  for 10 years with a  30 seat van donate by a still anonymous donor from Saint Luke’s in Temple Texas. After 10 years driving over really tough mountain roads and  two hundred thousand miles , the bus is slowing down.  Since Nazareth  has grown from 3 students that were housed in a parish facility to its present site, designed for 48 to now with an enrollment of 80.  I see the writing on the wall that tells us that we need a bigger bus to do the heavy  leg work so the van can handle a lighter load. Those who have visited here can attest to the limitations of our transportation system,  here in the city and the mountain villages. With Saint Paul  I believe  in Christ all things are possible but I have never seen Jesus  write a check.  His Disciples are now our supporters. Who said that here on earth God´s work must surely be our own.   I will get back in touch next week but in the meantime if you have any suggestions as to how we can raise the other ten thousand………. PLEASE let me know.


TODAY Our North Americans have been holding a summer camp and now are also engaged in some tutorial adventures. Some were with me last Sunday, along with  the first LA group  for Mass.  Here you can meet them.


4751_4744       4725_4734



Arrived last night another group from Tennessee.  Some photos next week.

Again please give some thought to our bus situation. I fear to think of consequences if there was an accident in our van and harm done to these children. I guess all machines , mechanical  and human , get rusty  as the years roll on.  The poor have enough problems in surviving  and don´t need an accident to increase their sufferings. Go to the beach and grab some junk food  and some  healthy fruit. God Bless…………..until next week then!

Father D

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