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Hi everyone:

Can I hope that you have a  wonderful  vacation with all that summer  brings starting  this fourth of July!

A special salute  to Becky and Paul Federico , who are  friends since the creation of the world. I wish you both some relief for  your sore backs after moving boxes from one nest to another on  this journey we call life.  Life is a much shorter  trip than we took to  John Denver´s Rocky Mountain High  to the Promised Land of the  Cleveland Cavaliers  and later the Burbs  of New Hampshire. Life does pass too far and too fast.  From   CATS , may our¨ memories live again ¨ with those who are with us now or have been . …… there are many fabrics what are part of the fabric of our being.

This has been a busy week and given that many of you may be  sitting for  another few hours waiting for the  Bourne and Sagamore  bridges to welcome you ……………. or bring you home ….. let me eliminate verbiage and just share photos. Summer, as I recall,  was a great opportunity for short sermons at  early Masses and  race track surge  to escape from the church parking lot !  Mia cula, mia cula, mia maxima culpa  for some tech errors the photos  last  week were a blur. Sorry   I took Latin in high school and now I wish I had  and met Bill Gates. Where  was Internet then.    Here then a repeat our last Saturday of June and a welcome to Grill and deck time.

Yes I try to get a hair cut ever 6 months……………even when I don´t need one



Yesterday one of the first Nazareth students came by for a visit with his mother and aunts including his brother Julio who is a lawyer and managing his dad´s land and cattle. Here meet my friend Andy Garcia a graduate of Nazareth . His parents donated the land where we were able to build Nazareth


Thanks to Saint Elizabeth of Hungary Parish in West Acton  for their hep in painting students chairs. Hi to your pastor, Walter Woods, please.IMG_3519

Many Thanks to Amy and Allan  also from Saint Elizabeth for their significant financial help in this water purification project and repairing chairs in the Colonial Laguna Seca. This for Mary Roy and her volunteers from NH who have brought ……..for many years ……shampoos and tooth paste and brushes to the river.  Also I returned to bless their church after the West Acton group fixed the roof and painted the building.







Former volunteers who returned for the graduation of our first high school. You have been wonderful examples of education and service




Enjoy the parades and fireworks. Til next time. Don´t eat too many Fenway Park All Beef Hotdogs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Father D




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