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Hi Everyone. Let me wish you all a wonderful a summer of  sweet corn on the cob along with just off the vine tomatoes.  In my former life summer meant Coors Lite, ham and Swiss cheese  sandwiches  with the most recent best seller at the beach.  Since some of our schools operate on a USA calendar we are now at the time of reports and graduations.

Most of June and all of July we will be having groups with us. We are saying bienvenidos and adios,   welcome and safe trip back   to Tennessee  ,South Carolina, MA and Louisiana. We are so blessed !  Our AKA –  Honduran Hilton , invites all of you to come visit and come to work.



Later today some of the long term school volunteers will be finishing up and heading back to the next chapter in their  lives and some more arrived a few days ago for a summer school program and in August more  will join us for the year. In the last few years as the USA economy and job market improved and graduates needed to choose  between the volunteer experience and a secure job, many volunteer organizations  are feeling the pinch, so to speak. You have heard me say, The Lord has led us this far and will not let down.  We have seen a very significant number of new students  in the high school and at Nazareth with special needs. The number applying for scholarship help is constantly increasing and I do pray God that more people join to help support special needs children who are among the most forgotten here but not with us.  Presently  with  more than 150 students on scholarships, I gave thanks to those who help us, help others!   Why else are we here if not to be here in Jesus name to lift up one another!

On  Friday morning some faculty from the Psychology department came for a visit and we had a chance to get caught us of some things . They tell me this  area of studies is increasing each year and that is a healthy contribution for the people in Olancho and hopefully will contribute to helping us prepare well formed students in the process. Thank you for te wonderful basket of fruit they brought. I remember rowing up the suggestion that you should never go to someone´s house ¨ with your arms swinging¨ ….. better to carry something.


Last week the TN group   was preparing to install solar  panels in one community and tubes for water in the bath rooms in 2 of our school programs. Do you think we might have anticipated the Pope Francis´s encyclical of last Thursday.




I am all confirmed with a medical visit the end of August and I will need a companion . Working now to get Alfredo a visa. He is with me 24-7 and is a nurse.  Pray God we win this one with the USA Embassy. I am still a bit ´wobble´ Go get some corn and watermelon and enjoy your weekend . Talk more next week. God Bless and let us all listen to Pope Francis!  If it is our planet is our responsibility  we must  take care of it……………………….. for your  grand children and great grand children.

Father D

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  1. Michelle P Janasek says:

    Enjoyed doing God’s work with all on our TN team and the Hondurans. It always amazes me how well we communicate and not speak each others language. It is truly God’s hands at work. Came across the quote the other day.

    ” Life is an exciting business and most exciting when it is lived for others” Helen Kellar

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