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Hi Everyone.

It is  almost July 4th and that means all types of potato salad, Coleman hot on sandwiches with Swizz , swordfish  and great smells from the grill.  Looks like I am still a North American!!! Enjoy the holidays.

On Tuesday I was so delighted to have some visitors,  former volunteers who came back for the First Graduation of out Bilingual High School , which took place yesterday  and this evening a fiesta. One day was to meet all the legal requirements , receive diploma documents and the next day their celebration’ fiesta  . Arriving  back were some of the North Americans who planted the seeds with the conviction that  it is  education that will produce  good fruit.  Red Sox caps salute Bishop Muldoon who believe in this project and was a significant help. We at Olancho Aid remain grateful to Bishop Bonello for sharing his interest in  our projects and dreams!  Blessed be God for ever!!!  I never dreamed 13 years ago that I would see this day. I never thought that we would create the Olancho Aid Foundation and all that has been accomplished for people here because of you. I guess there are a lot of things I never thought about! Apparently  Jesus had scrolled our names on His Dell Netbook.   Upon leaving a hospital an attending physician came to say good by and said that he had no human explanation that explained  why I was alive. In response I said that there must be then  a divine reason . Perhaps some day we both might see that Dell! In the meantime add me to sixth place with Saint Thomas Aquinas  proofs.  Would you like to visit some of our former volunteers ? Of course you do!


This is the time of yeasr that you may be hearing from Wendy  the person in charge of our scholarship program. Education will change this country . Here then is  Wendy and also meet Juliette who left Saturday to be with her family in New York . She was the contact person who interviewed potential volunteers and facilitated many………… as in  many, many projects.


Last Sunday I celebrated a Mass of First Communion in a community where volunteers have built houses, it is called Potrellios.  Here then meet   some  ¨before and after ´ children alongwith their teacher, Rosemery Godoy.

A week or so ago a strong storm passed thru us and destroyed  part of the house of  young couple  with two children.  I remember them as teenage and later active members of the youth group.    His work is  driving a motorbike that takes people from the main road to their homes after they have done errands or need  to catch transportation  to Juticalpa. You will not see him on The Sharks any time soon. The community stood at the door after Mass  and received donations for them  and from  the help many give me I was able to help them a bit. Why else else are we here if  is not to help one another?




Let me share with you some photos from the second group from Holy Family in Tennessee with Steve Hayes from Tennessee and is member of our board.



In a few hours  we will have the ordination of 5 candidates as Deacons and hopefully before Christmas the five will be ordained priests of Olancho for Olancho.   There will be a large number of people at the ordination today  and pray God in the long run a great day for this diocese.  More next week.  Have some more photos of various events this week but do not have much time just now to transfer them to the computer.  I wish you lots of sun, sand and smiles for the 4th of July. Keep this wandering disciple of Jesus before you in prayer. God Bless.

Father  D

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