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Hi Everyone.

I am running late this week and was ¨under the weather¨last Saturday and unable to be in contact with you. Better late than never.

I did see that the New England area was scheduled to get some hot weather and please God, after all the cold you experienced, the cranky voices of those complaining about the heat did not erase the memories and difficulties of of a bad winter. Sometimes memories are short lived.

Last Saturday we celebrated First Communion at the school along with many baptisms. I always live with hope,  sprinkled with some seasoned doubts from my dear friend Saint Thomas , that parents take seriously their commitments to ¨be the best of teachers in the ways of faith¨. Here then First Communions from Santa Clara.



 In a few weeks we will have the first graduation from the bilingual high school.  Many of the first students have been with us for 13 –  14 years. There are some students in our first graduation class with extraordinary potential and I hope and dream that they find education to be an exciting adventure that opens doors to discover their own potential in finding new ideas and  new opportunities as they begin their university studies.   To this day I honestly do not  remember much of  my own  graduation ……………more than 55 years ago. I do vaguely recall being  asked what I wanted as a gift  and   answering ¨an airplane ticket to the North Pole¨! Yes some thought I had lost my mind . I  explained  that  I wanted to see the world from other people´s eyes.  That is my DNA……., has been there my high school days. A  long,long  time  ago…………………………… Here then some who are making history in Olancho.


Last week the first group from TN  arrive led by Don Dilucchio  and next week Steve Hayes will lead another group from the parish.  Both men sit on our board of directors and bring to Olancho and our programs significant business and management skills. Look forward to  seeing  the second group in Jutiquile tomorrow morning.

We are grateful to Keith Favazza from Rockland  who was here a month or so ago and at Nazareth  painted a mural of the Last Supper using faces of the students at Nazareth. If you have really good eyes you might see a white haired priest with a red stole passing thru the upper room looking for the same Jesus. Thanks Keith.


Blessings for this day and grateful thanks for this Sacrament. Til next time.

Father D

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